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Our Team

Jackie Bayer, ASID, CIDDesigner/Partner

A self proclaimed Interior Designer at age 5, Jackie found delight in thumbing through wallpaper books and touring Model Homes with her mother who was then redecorating their home. Who knew as a pre-teen that watching the Real Estate show "Showcase of Homes" was to satisfy her curiosity of how other people's homes were decorated, and was the beautifully adorned window into realizing her passion. Always intrigued by color, pattern and embellishments, Jackie is living her dream of making homes beautiful. She finds even more delight in seeing her daughters indulge in the same excitement when telling people "I'm going to be a designer when I grow up."

Sadie Johnson, allied ASIDDesigner/Partner

As a daughter of a kidney donating housewife and a blind ironworker, Sadie found her love of architecture and interiors through her lineage of Baltimore Ironworkers, MGM musicals and old Black and White films. Sadie grew up using old blueprints as her coloring books from her father's steel shop. Every color seemed to go with blue at the age of 7. Sadie was taught to experience everything which has earned her the title in our office as a Renaissance woman. Sadie is a graduate of Utah State University with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. Designs of Sadie's reflect her character; bold, bright, and colorful, with lots of light.

Carla SniderChief Financial Officer/Partner

From an early age, Carla loved science and math and knew one would be the ultimate landing point. Her post secondary education started with the science of chemistry took a detour through graphic design and illustration then ended up in accounting. In a business where everything is pretty, two plus two must still equal four; therefore most will agree Carla is the left brain to the rest of the team's creative right brains. Carla graduated Summa Cum Laude from Strayer University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.